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The hottest putting aid on the market

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The Plane Face Putting Aid is one of the best putting aids on the market, designed to improve all aspects of your putting


Key Features


  • Glide your putter along the rails to ensure you maintain a consistent plane and path during your stroke (an in-to-in path or the sweet spot swinging in an arc)
  • Improve your putter face angle at impact and ability to start the ball on the correct line with the ball gate
  • Adjustable lie angle to suit all putters*
  • Improve your distance control through hitting the centre of the putter
  • Learn your individual putting stance/posture, which will maximise your chances of holing putts
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble in seconds and weighs less than 2kg to allow for easy storage/transportation. Also comes with free drawstring bag so you can store it easily in a cupboard, your car or possibly even your golf bag.
  • Suitable for Right/Left Handers and Male/Female golfers.

Whether you are a PGA Professional looking for extra feedback for clients, or you are an amateur golfer looking to improve your putting, the Plane Face Putting Aid is the perfect training aid to help improve your game. Its easy to use and gives instant feedback so you can learn the correct feel to improve your putting stroke. Regardless of your ability, practicing on The Plane Face Putting Aid is sure to help you hole more putts. Its so simple, run your shaft along the rails and get the ball through the gate.

These features are why the Plane Face Putting Aid is being used by golfers all over the world including over 100 Golf Instructors on four continents. Amongst these Instructors are coaches on the KPGA Tour, KLPGA Tour, Asian Tour, European Tour and PGA Tour, as well as coaches of two Ladies US Open Champions, a Mens US Open Champion and a Masters Champion.