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Putt Lab offers in depth putting analysis, coaching and the full custom fitting experience for T Squared Putters. Get fitted, then design your own personalised custom putter from the ground up.


Initial Putting Assessments

Do you find yourself always tinkering with your putter? Constantly changing your putter grip? Always trying new things but with no long term success?

Why not book yourself in a putting assessment at Putt Lab? The analysis will include detailed data of your putting stroke including your aim and stroke tendency’s. The analysis will also help us diagnose any changes that could be made to the putter specs and the changes can be made on the spot.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost: $99

Initial Assessment

Green Reading

On Course Assessment

Online Shop


At T SQUARED GOLF in Buffalo, New York our team works to create putters that are precise, distinct, and perform to the highest level.

We strive to change and innovate the engineering and fitting perspectives of putters using our “Built Not Bent Technology” to make sure every player gets the right putter for their stroke.

We ultimately want to create a putter that not only looks good on the green, but more importantly helps you perform better.


When David first reached out to us about becoming a T Squared fitter we were very optimistic. After a few meetings, David and I knew that it would be a great match, hence David became the first T Squared fitter in Australia. David wanted high quality putters to complement his high quality service and we couldn’t be happier to have filled that role. David has become one of our most trusted fitters. He carries all of our putters along with a T Squared fitcase which makes his fitting capabilities unmatchable. We are very privileged to have partnered with David as he spares no attention to detail and always has his customers best interest in mind.

Tony Tuber – Founder of T Squared Putters

I’ve decided to go entirely off the grid but had no actual clue where to start. These guys went above and beyond with their support, working out all of the intricacies of the project with me. You’ve done a wonderful job!

George Gordon

New York

Thank you so much! Every single person we’ve dealt with during this project has been a consummate professional. I was very impressed with the care taken by the installers to do the job right and clean everything up afterwards.

Jennifer Lee


Everyone, from the first phone call to the last, has been a pleasure to deal with. All of our requests were taken into account and incorporated into the project. The installation process was astonishingly smooth. Thank you so much.

Linda Moore


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