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Green Reading

Tour Read™ certified coach

Developing a great putting stroke, will not result in making any more putts on the course.  The ability to read greens is the most important component in becoming a great putter, and a green reading lesson is the one lesson 90% of golfers will never have. After this 90 min session, the student will be able to reduce the biggest variable in putting… knowing precisely how much each putt will break. Using the Tour Read green reading system, I can very quickly and easily train any golfer, from tour players to beginners, to dramatically improve their green reading and their putting. 

* It is VERY IMPORTANT that every student I see for their Initial assessment, follows that session with the green reading as soon as possible. This is the quickest way to start holing more putts and lowering your scores as a result 


Bring a friend for an additional $50. Max +2 people


Some of the technology used at Putt Lab

Capto is a hi-tech and lightweight sensor that uses cutting edge technology to provide accurate, detailed and reliable data on the putting stroke
Master clubface control by improving your wrist angles