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Initial Putting Assessments

Do you find yourself always tinkering with your putter? Constantly changing your putter grip? Always trying new things but with no long term success?

Why not book yourself in a putting assessment at Putt Lab? The analysis will include detailed data of your putting stroke including your aim and stroke tendency’s. The analysis will also help us diagnose any changes that could be made to the putter specs and the changes can be made on the spot.

Duration: 1.5 hours


My Process

A streamlined approach to transform your putting

To start, the player’s putter specs are digitally measured. Loft, lie, length, swing weight and dead weight. We want the data we get during testing accurate to the exact putter specs, NOT the assumed factory specs on a manufacturer’s website. Information about the players golf and skill level is gathered, the putter specs are entered, and the assessment begins.

The assessment starts by giving us a look into the players ability to aim. When we see players with an aim bias left or right of the intended start line, we will see a stroke pattern develop over time to compensate. This means the player having to deliver an open or closed club face relative to their start position.

During the testing, Capto 2.0 will capture detailed data of the putting stroke and Hackmotion will also we used to capture wrist patterns. Information about the player’s setup, posture and grip will also be captured on camera.

The data is then broken down to the player in the way that best suits their learning style. The areas that need improvement are explained and the reason why we need to improve them. After the player has a better understanding of their stroke, what needs to change and why, the last part of the assessment has the player return to the putting green to work on one of the areas shown most needing improvement. The next series of putts are further analysed, and the improvements are shown and broken down again to the student.

Upon completion of the assessment the student will receive an email with the session’s findings broken down as they were during the assessment but in word form and the before and after improvements shown. Specific drills will be given to help the student improve the fastest with the time constraints they will have when it comes to practice. This assessment will act as the baseline numbers and a plan is put in place that will accommodate the student.

*After the initial assessment, it is VERY IMPORTANT that the student follows as soon as possible with  This is the most important/valuable golf lesson the student will ever have. 


Some of the technology used at Putt Lab

Capto is a hi-tech and lightweight sensor that uses cutting edge technology to provide accurate, detailed and reliable data on the putting stroke
Master clubface control by improving your wrist angles

I recommend going to see David its worth every penny, to improve your game.

Bill Clifton

Ive been to David, it helped my game immeasurably, I putt so much better than I ever have, I’d recommend him to everyone

Ian Scott

Can’t recommend Dave enough! Absolutely brilliant, went this week and can tell it’s going to improve my game big time

Joel Innes

Went yesterday - it’s an awesome session, very insightful data and David’s spot on with his tips.

Ali Smart

Visited Dave today. What a difference. Worth a visit. 👍👏

Lawry Rickards

Highly recommend David for all your putting coaching.

David Whitehead

Visited here last Saturday best money I have spent yet

Mary Pat McCarthy

Cannot thank David enough , what it showed me was enough to cover the cost it’s the little things , highly recommend to all my golfing pals

Terry Taylor